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When you compare our web site to competitors, we encourage look closely at our customer service.

All Items are in Stock and Ready to Ship!
What does that mean.

To Most Internet companies in stock means one of the following;

  • Its in stock at one my wholesaler's warehouses.
  • I've ordered some and they are going to be here someday.
  • I can probably find it when I get an order.
  • Some competitors ship in 24 - 72 hours - even for items in stock.

To Houts Enterprises LLC in stock means;

  • Its physically setting in our warehouse in Nevada
  • Its already here. We bought it so you do not have to wait.
  • We can ship it to you the same business day if you order by 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time.
  • More than 99.9% of orders ship directly from our warehouse to you the same business day you order. (Ordered by 11:00 am PST)
  • We have recently added some new messages
    • Temporarly Out - This is for items that are on there way to our warehouse, so check back every few days, or use our IN Stock email notifications at the top of menus.
    • Not in Stock - This is for items that are backordered from our wholesalers.
    • Discontinued - This is for items that are unavailable or discontinued from the manufacturer, look for an alternate item on our web site.
  • You can not order an out of stock or temporarly out item.
  • We only charge your card after your order has been double checked against inventory.
  • It costs to carry inventory but customers are priceless. We want you to be happy with your purchase and keep coming back.
  • We treat each customer as though they our first customer.

Best Regards,

Anthony G. Houts
Houts Enterprises LLC

Customer service is our TOP priority. There are a lot of web sites out there, how do we get customers to come back to become repeat customers, many customers order several times within 3 weeks of their first purchase. We treat each customer as though they our first customer each and every time they order.

This is part of our Customer Service that far exceeds other companies.

Too often with parts from major manufacturers problems will occur. Two examples for Beretta parts are screws missing from Top Rail & Bottom Rail Kits, and the more recent problem of Barrel Shrouds being glued to the packaging. When you open your shipment from us you are excited and want to enjoy your new purchase without any hassle or problems. That is why when we identify a problem with a particular part we inform our wholesale suppliers. Then we inspect incoming parts 100% until we are positive that the problem has been permanently fixed. We stopped selling Barrel Shrouds for nearly 3 months when the packaging problem occurred, and we still inspect all Beretta Top Rail & Bottom Rail Kits, Barrel Shrouds, & Soft Cases to insure no problems. Its expensive to do this, but it makes happy customers, and when you are a happy customer that's good for you, and good for us.

These are typical and representative responses from our Customers to the Survey question they were emailed;
SUGGESTIONS to improve our web site, or COMMENTS :

First half of email address shown only -

Your delivery was so fast I was wondering what I had received in the mail because I wasn't expecting delivery that fast. I will order from you again.
Great site! My inventory came super fast and I had my rails ready to go that night. Everything a person needs for their storm--wish I knew about your awesome site when I purchased my storm last December.
Like your site a lot! Not so big or graphic heavy that it "gums" up my fossil of a PC, what with it having a 166 processor and 64K. Believe it or not! Will be dealing again soon...thanks.
Nice site. Great customer service, quick response, fast shipping! Wonderful doing business with you. Keep up the good work!
Excellent service and speedy delivery. Will definitely be buying more products from your site. Since I have only heard good things about your products/site, I would like to see you all carry more aftermarket parts for other popular models.
I liked the way I was treated and with the response that I received from you, I will be looking to add on to my storm with additional items.
I am very impressed with your services and knowledge of product. I will continue to do business with your company for years to come.
Anthony, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with you and your company. I purchased a CX4 storm (9mm) to carry on duty. My department issues the 92F, and this way I could carry a carbine that uses the same mags that I carry on my gun belt. Two days later My Capt. informs me that in a week they will issue the new Beretta Vertec in .40 cal! My local gun store agreed to swap out my unfired 9mm storm for a .40 cal storm when they become available (Whenever that is) All of the accessories I purchased from you will be mounted on the new one when it arrives. I ordered several items from you and they arrived in two days, exactly as described. I have spoken to several officers about your company with glowing reviews. When we qualify this week and a representative of Beretta is going to bring a Storm for the officers to try out. I'm sure some of the guys will purchase one. I've told everyone about Houts Enterprises so get ready for some sales in Georgia. Keep up the good work.
Speed of delivery was incredible. Got my items the next day though I selected ground shipment. You called me to clear up a misunderstanding I had with an item, and I thought that was great service. Keep up the good work!
I just received sling I ordered last Sun. (today is Wed.). I liked speed of delivery a LOT. I will be ordering from you site again.
Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. I will buy from you again.
Your web site is one of the best I've seen for ordering accessories! I really liked the reviews and the fact that a UPS tracking statement was e-mailed to me shortly after placing the order.
The best attribute of your company is "fast" processing & shipping of internet orders. It is faster than Beretta and I live in the same State that they are located.
You have a great web site. I've purchased the SOP sling, and an accessory kit. Both were delivered in a timely manner. The site is easy to navigate, and has some great content. I plan to look over the security section in the immediate future. Keep up the good work. I look forward to receiving the M6 Tac Light I ordered. It should be in by tomorrow, and I can't wait. Thank you very much for providing quality products at an affordable price.
FANTASTIC service! I have never received such prompt, courteous and timely tracking information as I have with Houts Enterprises. I have no buy planned in the next 3 months, but the service I received will keep me looking. Thank you.
Laid out in a very helpful way for us COMPUTER CHALLENGED. I especially liked the product reviews. They helped give me ideas and insight on what would go good with my new toy. Thanks for your time and interest
Great service. Got my package way before I expected to. Ordered one day, shipped same, traveled the next, received on the 3rd day. Can't ask for anything better than that with the basic shipping from ordering online. Thanks.
Quick response to questions, individual service, quick shipment. Very pleasant shopping experience!
Appreciate the friendly and fast service. Will recommend to other Beretta users. Nice website.
Thank you. Professional operation. Shipped and arrived much faster than I expected. Nicely packaged. Very happy customer.
rcasper I found your sight easy to navigate and with detailed information. I found Mr. Houts to be very helpful in making decisions on what to purchase. The combination of a good web site and knowledgeable and helpful people is hard to beat.
jchartrand Your prompt delivery is excellent. your stuff always arrives here ahead of other suppliers.
jtillian Houts' prices absolutely DESTROYED Beretta's prices in almost every instance! And in almost every single case, the rare bargain price from another shop stood alone -- it was the only item on my list whose price was lower than Houts. There was no other single online store from which I could fill my shopping list and beat Houts prices. This means that, if I was going to shop on price ALONE, I would have had to order my parts from perhaps a dozen different places, including Houts! Sorry, but that's not me.
bombdoc Thanks for actually having the stuff in stock! Some of your "competition" loves to pull the old bait and switch.
deruch I would just like to thank you for the fast service. I am always hesitant on my first purchase at a new site. But, with all the good feedback from different forums, I went ahead and tried it. I was not dissapointed. When you say fast shipping you mean FAST shipping and thanks for selling only items you have instock and not giving us a surprise after we order that it is on backorder.
1niceputt This is an informative site. I particularly like the recommended section, and would like to see an advisory if anything needs special mounts or additional equipment for use.
ellic I wanted to tell you that I was so pleased with your products for my CX4, that I just purchased the same items to soup up my new Walther G22 rifle.
dmflmk762 I saw your ad at warrifles.com and you had the best prices on an aimpoint ML3 that I could find and I really shopped around looking. I recieved my aimpoint with no problems, I'm a happy customer and will reccomend ya'll to my friends.
mjanoplis I think both your web site and shop are terrific. The service was fast and prices are reasonable. I've told a bunch of people about you and I'm sure you'll get business out of them. I've placed 3 orders already in 3 weeks.
You all have a wonderful variety in your shop.I will definatly shop with you again whenever I need parts.Love your duracoat shop been thinking about doing something like that.Great shop thanks so much I will be back to shop.
giglesias I called to find out some more information about one of the grips for my Storm and the guy I talked to was helpful and polite...... as a consumer, that's one way to keep my business.
This is by far the most organised web site I've ever been to. The customer imput is rare and appreciated. Unfortunately, I had already purchased several of the items that you offer elsewhere and you actually made me feel guilty that I didn't find you first! Your prices are competitive and I liked the "accessory kits" idea very much!
david.b Great Web Site and store. We found it through the Aimpoint site, yours is the closest dealer to Ft Campbell, KY. The order was handled perfectly and fast. I look forward to making any further purchases I can get authorized through your store. SSG , 101st ABN
peter.shg Keep up the great pricing. Excellent customer service!! Great communication from begining to end!! Top Notch personnel and selection!
rtdaltonjr Very comprehensive, helpful site- Have been waiting to purchase accessories for several months and chose to buy here because of 'package deal' configuration!
momandean Great website, I found it easy to navigate. I like the products you stock. I had just purchased a CX4 at the local gun show and couldn't find any assessories for it, got on the net and found you guys. I'll be placing an order soon.
lesslethal I buy a lot on the net, and only stumbled on your site while searching for stuff for a new weapon (Cx4). thus far, I would say your site and overall service has been among the best I've ever used. easy to read, good prices, quick and efficient notification and delivery service--I will definately use your business again.
mwjalaska I really like how you set sections devoted to the storm. Other websites make you crawl around to find what you want, and too top it off your prices are as good or better than many other sites.