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Beretta CX4 Storm Accessory Recommended

Beretta CX4 Storm AccessoryBeretta CX4 Storm Accessory

Beretta CX4 Storm Accessory



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Beretta CX4 Storm Accessory Beretta CX4 Storm Accessory
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Beretta CX4 Storm Accessory Beretta CX4 Storm Accessory  

Beretta CX4 Storm Overview

Once again, Beretta teamed with internationally renowned Giugiaro Design to study the ergonomics and style the firearm. Rounded forms are snag-free, modern and innovative. Rubber stock comb provides a comfortable rest for the cheek. Magazine is inside the grip, protected from impact and the environment. Beretta CX4 Storm controls are very similar to those found on our popular 92FS pistols, so most shooters will be immediately familiar with the operation of this firearm. Length of pull can be lengthened in .6" increments, from 13" to 15" by adding one to three stock spacers (one provided). Multiple sling attachment points allow a multitude of carry options. Retractable forward accessory rail extends out from the fore-end, allowing quick mounting of tactical light or laser unit on the Beretta CX4 Storm. Hard mounting points allow the addition of various accessories, including side, top and bottom "Picatinny" rails. These will accept optics, tactical lights. lasers and vertical grips. Finally, on the Beretta CX4 Storm one side rail included, the front post sight is adjustable for windage and elevation, while the rear ghost ring sight has long and short-range apertures, both sights are protected by rugged "ears" and may be folded down when optics are used.

Designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, the new Beretta CX4 Storm is also excellent for sport and home defense. The fixed barrel design and long sight radius (12.9") make this gun inherently accurate. The cold hammer forged 16.6" barrel is chrome lined for maximum corrosion resistance and increased barrel life. The 5 1b. weight and overall length of 29.7" make the Beretta CX4 carbine is a light and compact. semi-automatic blowback design, and is simple, rugged and reliable. Field stripping can be done simply and quickly without any tools. High strength techno polymers were used to reduce the weight in the Beretta CX4, increase corrosion resistance, eliminate problems associated with metal finish wear, and achieve an affordable price. Cross-bolt safety, magazine button and bolt-handle are easily reversible for right or left-hand use. Even the ejection for the Beretta CX4 can be switched from right to left and back without the need of tools or additional components. Firing pin and hammer block prevents movement of these critical components until the trigger is pulled on the Beretta CX4, and a bolt safety will not allow the bolt to cycle should the carbine be dropped or struck against an object.

Beretta's Cx4 Storm redefines the pistol-caliber carbine, with racy and radical lines from the masters of industrial design at Giugiaro. Form follows function in a symphony of smooth, sweeping curves made possible by the use of modern high-strength techno polymers. Beretta's use of cutting-edge materials also keeps weight down to just 53/4 lbs., making the Beretta Cx4 a pleasure to carry, whether in the field or on duty. Five different models accept full-size Beretta magazines from the 92/96 and Cougar series pistols in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 Auto, including large-capacity restricted and pre-ban styles. The cold hammer-forged 16.6-inch barrel is chrome-lined for long life and corrosion resistance with any ammo.