EoTech 512 F Series, AA Batt

HOLOgraphic parallax-free using Class II laser, 20 position brightness control, 65MOA ring with 1MOA aiming dot, Waterproof & drop tested to 10 feet, Fogproof, uses 2 AA batteries included (1100 hours battery life), military grade site, NOT Night Vision compatible, 2 year warranty. Revision F with rubber buttons, latest production model. (Not for Export)

EoTech Simulator

The HOLOgraphic Advantage
The holographic patterns have been designed to be instantly visible in any light, instinctive to center regardless of shooting angle, and to remain in view while sweeping the engagement zone. Reticles are designed as large, see-through patterns to achieve lightning quick reticle to target acquisition without covering or obscuring the point of aim.

Heads Up, Full View
The HWS employs a true Heads-Up Display that eliminates blind spots, constricted vision, or the tunnel vision associated with tubed sights. All user controls are flush to the HWS's streamline housing with no protruding knobs, battery compartments or mounting rings blocking vision at the target area. True, 2 eyes open shooting is realized. Instant threat identification is achieved by maximizing the operator's peripheral vision and ultimately gaining greater control of the engagement zone


The Magic of Holography
In holography, all the information required to reconstruct the reticle image is recorded everywhere in the Heads-Up display window. If the window is obstructed by mud, snow, rain, etc., the HWS remains fully operational , with point of aim/impact being maintained. Even in such extreme cases where the laminated window is shattered, the HWS is fully functional! As long as the operator can see through any portion of the window, the entire reticle pattern is visible on target...the operator can still engage with confidence.

30 x 23mm window, HOLOgraphic 100% parallax-free, uses Class II laser (eye safe viewing), 65MOA ring with 1MOA aiming dot, Weight 11 ounces, Waterproof (10 feet), Fogproof, standard AA batteries, military grade site drop tested at 10 feet.

The HWS is designed to withstand Mil-Spec drop tests and still remain fully operational and hold zero. The HWS has been extensively tested in a punishing recoil simulator generating 3,500 G's of acceleration in less than 0.5 milliseconds (the recoil of a .454 Casull revolver) as well as various environmental chambers).

The Heads Up Display is constructed with a 3 layer, shatterproof laminate glass that is 3/16" thick for added durability. Additional protection of the Heads Up Display is provided with a "roll bar" ruggedized hood. The HDS uses state-of-the-art digital electronics design. Twenty brightness levels ensure proper brightness control in either low light or very bright sunlight. An on-board microprocessor provides automatic battery check indicator, up/down brightness scrolling and programmable auto shutdown features. All electronics are fully encapsulated in shock absorbing resin compound.