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Beretta CX4 Soft Case FO4000140099 Reviewed

Beretta has usually had its accessories made by some other manufacturing firm. They stick mostly to what they know and that is how to make firearms. While some of the Beretta accessories like their slings leave much to be desired, when they do something right they deserve the credit. The Beretta CX4 Soft Case was designed to carry and protect the Storm and it fits the unusual shape perfectly.


The Beretta CX4 Soft Case is fine example of an extremely well and thought out design, that has been executed flawlessly. The first thing I noticed when I picked up the soft case was the weight at just under 3 pounds. Its constructed of a heavy duty black condura and professional grade zippers on the main compartment and accessory pouches. This soft case is designed to hold up under day in and day out use.

Its the nicest condura gun case I ever seen, with lots of extras like the embroidery of the CX4 Storm name on the accessories compartment, and the Beretta name and logo on the main compartment, as well as CX4 Storm name woven into the backpack straps.


There are actually three ways you can carry the soft case, first use the standard handles attached in the middle of the case, second use the adjustable backpack straps and carry it like a backpack, and finally you can remove both backpack straps and reattach one strap to each of the shoulder rings, and then slip the strap over your shoulder and carry the soft case under your arm.

Inside the main compartment two elastic tie downs keep the CX4 from shifting around during carry. This is especially important when using the adjustable backpack straps for pack style carry. Also inside the main compartment is an additional accessories pouch with a zipper, its on the opposite side of the main compartment shown.


The accessories pouch found on the outside of the soft case has some nice features. There are three net type compartments, two at 2 inches across, and one at 6 inches across. You have the option of putting smaller items you do not want to rattle around in one of these internal dividers, and just laying larger items inside. The accessories pouch is 16 inches in length and 7 inches wide, and tear shaped in design.

This is an extremely solid case and well designed, good investment to protect your CX4. Useful for the occasional ranger shooter, or the backpack it in seasoned veteran.

Best Regards -
Anthony Houts