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Special Operations Patrol (SOP) Sling

The Beretta CX4 slings the basic BRJA131A and tactical BRJA132A both have problems. The basic sling is so short that it will not even go comfortably over a women's shoulder. The tactical sling covers part of each side rail limiting the side rail's usefulness. Even so, if you want one you have to pay Beretta's price and thats only if you can actually find them.

SOP Sling
When we designed the SOP sling our intent was to produce the ultimate tactical patrol sling design, incorporating every positive feature suggested to us by end users. A sling should work with you and enhance the operation of your weapon.

Since it's introduction into the marketplace, the SOP Sling has been called the next evolutionary step in 3 point tactical sling design. Sold exclusively by Houts Enterprises LLC for the Beretta CX4 Storm it is the ultimate sling accessory for your CX4.

SOP Sling

SOP Sling
Six positions
Carry your way

SOP Sling

The 1" attachment straps move, shift and conform within the sling loops to allow the SOP Sling to move more efficiently with the weapon thus enhancing free movement of the weapon and allowing the weapon to hang in a more vertical orientation while being used.

The Transition Release Buckle allows the sling to be quickly and efficiently extended to instantly create slack that allows for easy left/right shoulder transitions.

Should you desire to completely release the sling from your body an Emergency Release Buckle is included.

SOP Sling

SOP Sling

The new MidWest Sling mount for Dovetails provides the user with the flexibility to mount the front sling attachment on the Beretta side rail, required for the SOP Sling. Lightweight, durable, easy-to-install and inexpensive method for front sling attachment, Lifetime warranty with normal use and wear. Included in kits below.

Available in four colors with a lifetime warranty the SOP Sling kit with MidWest Sling mount is a professional grade solution to carrying the Beretta CX4 Storm.
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