Houts Enterprises LLCf
Beretta CX4 Flip Up Sight Package
with Trijicon Front Sight - Reviewed

Unfortunately, often bad things happen at night time. Criminals use the cover of darkness to do bad things to good people. Law Enforcement often conducts raids in the middle of morning so as to catch the bad guys off balance. The Beretta CX4 Storm is fine weapon however, the sights leave much to be desired especially when using the Beretta CX4 Storm at night.

We created a kit that replaces the standard iron sights with better sights. The sights mount on a standard Beretta or Houts Top rail and when not used they simply fold down out of the way as shown.
When you need them they fold up and lock in position as shown. There is a release on both the front and rear sight that must be pushed before you can fold the sights back down. So when you put them up they stay in position.
The front sight include a Trijicon post that will glow for over 10 years. It much heaver that the original CX4 front sight post, and is protected by two ears that form a semi-circle around the post.

The rear sight is also protected by ears and has both a large aperture (shown) and smaller aperture. Windage adjustments are through the windage knob on the right side of the image.

Since our sight kit is the standard height off the top rail EoTech, Aimpoint and other sights designed to co-witness with the AR15 now will co-witness on the Beretta CX4. You have the option of leaving our flip up sights up or down, ether way they will work for you.

If you are looking for better sights for your Beretta CX4 Storm and also sights that allow you to use the CX4 Storm at night, the Beretta CX4 Flip Up Sight Package with Trijicon Front Sight may be the solution for you.

These sights provide a faster sight picture, and also provide tactical use at night time when needed the most.

Best Regards -
Anthony Houts